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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Buy Non-GMO
Start eating healthier now! Buy products labeled “100% organic,” “organic,” or “made with organic ingredients.” The Organic label means the manufacturer cannot intentionally include any GMO ingredients. You can be doubly certain products are Non-GMO if the package displays the Non-GMO Project verified seal. Ask local store managers to carry non-GMO products. Check out Local Harvest for farmers markets and other local food producers.

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Join the Tipping Point Campaign!
Be a part of the Non-GMO tipping point. Combining your purchasing power with that of other health-conscious consumers will take us to the next level in the rejection of GM foods. Sign up here!

Educate Yourself
Quickly become an expert on GMOs by using the information provided on this website to learn about the health risks of GMOs and how to avoid them. Keep current on these issues with our e-newsletter.

The World According to Monsanto DVD Cover

Involve Others by Taking Local ActionTell friends and family members about the health risks of GMOs and how to avoid them. Share what you have learned with them. Help create a buzz on this issue:

Organize a house party or public showing of the World According to Monsanto with the help of our Showing Guide.

Look through the Campaign Kit for materials to help you.

Meet with parents and others to inspire schools to offer non-GM school meals.

If you are a healthcare professional, use our materials as a resource to educate your patients on the health risks of eating GMOs.

Inspire restaurants to offer non-GM food.

Sign the Petition to President Obama for meaningful GMO labeling! 

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